Bidrottningens services

Sensory evaluation of honey – 90 minutes

Bidrottningen hosts honey tastings. We introduce the participants to what kind of decisionmaking the beekeeper is doing for the honey throughout the process from flower to jar. The purpose of this is to better understand the effects these decisions have on the quality as well as taste of honey. Then, we start out the practical session by introducing a tasting technique, which is followed by the sampling of five different kind of honeys. Finally, the various areas of use of honey in cooking concludes the tasting. We welcome groups of 10 participants or more during off-season (September to April). Please contact us for a quote and reservation on or + 46 706 24 96 72.

Bekeeper for a day – 6 hours

We at Bidrottninen are delighted to notice that more and more people are fascinated by bees without necessarily wanting to become beekeepers themselves. Now you can joing us for a day – an opportunity to take a close look at our work environment. Please bring rubber boots and a picnic lunch and we will provide you with a beekeeping suit and tools. We will meet up at 9.30 at the first apiary and will finish around 4 pm. Please note that we have insurance cover that includes visitors to the apiaries. Call us on + 46 706 24 96 72 to get a quote and book a date, anytime between May and September.

B2B – Sensory based product development

With more than 20 years experience from both wine and honey we have solid competence of sensory evaluation – the ability to assess aromas, tastes and other aspects of a food or raw product. We take on assignments helping primary producers as well as small scale food refiners with product development and planning product portfolios. If of interest to you, please call to discuss at + 46 706 24 96 72.